Thank you for visiting our site, whether you are a member or just browsing. We hope you find the contents of our site both interesting and informative and go away a little wiser for the experience. Who knows, browsers may well follow our lead and spread the Wayfarers idea across the globe?

For existing members, it should provide just about everything you will need to know about your Society and its activities. In fact, soon this Website will be the only means of communication between members and Committee in future years, when Wayfarers attempt to become as near to ‘paperless’ as possible. While visiting, please take a look at what our sponsors have to offer, since your support and patronage will help us in our efforts for charity. 


The Wayfarers Society is looking for Sponsors to help reduce the costs of running its various activities, particularly its fund-raising activities for charity. In this way, more of the income generated by the Society will be able to be donated to the many worthy causes supported by members each year.  Sponsorship is welcome in various forms – advertising on this website, meeting the full cost (or part cost) of a specific activity or item of expense (e.g. printing of raffle tickets), providing one or more prizes for charity fund-raising events, or a straight donation to one or more of the charities being supported. No sponsorship is too small and full recognition will be afforded to all sponsors in every appropriate way.  If any member (or browser) should be interested in discussing this further, please contact the Competition Chairman (Wayne Evans evans_w6@sky.com), Competition Secretary (John Willmott willmott@talktalk.net) or through any of the individual Club Secretaries listed elsewhere on this site.

INTRODUCTION by the Chairman. 

The Wayfarers Golf Society was formed 27 years ago, the main purpose being to bring together golfers from Golf Clubs in South East Wales in an inter-club team competition. Over the years, the membership has grown from 14 clubs to 48 clubs and the area now covered includes Powys and Gloucestershire. Well over 1,000 golfers take part each year and our activities include participation in a League Competition, a Knockout Competition, at least one Charity Day and numerous Tours and Away Days.  Membership of the Wayfarers is now restricted to members of golf clubs which are affiliated to the Welsh Golf Union, who are aged over 18 and within the handicap range 10 to 17 inclusive. This range was selected because this was the only category of golfers which was not already catered for by existing competitions in the area. 

The Competitions and general activities of the Society are organised by a committee (details elsewhere in this site) and the participation and general support given by member clubs is organised by individual Club Wayfarer Captains and/or Secretaries (these details are also included elsewhere). 

Each year, the fund raising for Charity is organised by the winners of the League Competition in the previous year.  There also exists an auspicious group of gentlemen called Vice Presidents, elected by the members as a mark of appreciation of their past or present contributions and commitment to Wayfarers at Club or Committee level. Besides basking in their status and importance, they seek to help the Committee in whatever activities are appropriate  Yours in sport  Glyn Stone